Charlie's owners says he is an awesome, loyal and lovable dog. Typical chessy behavior who is easy to train and loves the water

Wyatt's owners report that, Wyatt is extremely driven and is fetch crazy.  He loves retrieving and has that Chessie drive to never give up until he finds what he is looking for. His nose is exceptional.  He learns very quickly and is always eager to please. He is extremely good natured. We get lots of complements from the other dog owners every week at our classes.

Previous Litters

We do not have litters very often, so every puppy is special to us, and we strive stay in contact and we remain available to each and every puppy owner. The most rewarding thing is getting updates, and to see these pictures of happy dogs with happy owners. Thank you to everyone who sends me an update, and please keep them coming.


Duke with his owner, the wonderful Alex :)

Briary Chesapeakes

 Balere is her name which is basque for "Strong". She is strong willed with a VERY strong retrieval instinct! she will fetch anything. She is incredibly intelligent and is picking up on both water and upland game birds quickly. On her second hunt she was retrieving birds out of deep water. Balere is a big girl with the nickname of "Moose" And is an absolute lover.
She is a delight and we wouldn't trade her for the world. *Updated Pic I love getting these thank you Cortazars!!!